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Handling the Board Examinations Pressure


A child appearing for the board examinations is under tremendous pressure as be it the class X or class XII, both are hyped to a great extent in our society. In such a situation, when only a few months left for the board examinations, an effort made to alter the child’;s studying rhythm according to the household or personal routine should be purged completely. It is the testing times for the board examinees as their career completely depends on these exams, especially the class XII students.
Parents play a very important role in their wards’; performance in the examinations. Parents need to be supportive towards their children. They need to be motivating and should set realistic goals in tune with the child’;s past performance. A child’;s result matches his or her efforts put in for the exams. Any comparisons of a bright student with a weaker student should be avoided. This may hamper the child to study hard and with full concentration. The child’;s good health should be of utmost importance. Only a healthy mind can work well and for longer hours.
Parent’;s love and affection for their child must be unconditional and should in no way be related to the marks he secures. This really eases the child’;s mind and anyway the course of one’;s career depends on so many factors other than the class X or class XII result.
The child has to be supported and motivated in order to perform well in the examinations and live up to the expectations and dreams of their parents.

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