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The Big Choice � UK versus Rest of the World


This article is targeted at all you people desirous of pursuing an international management degree. All sort of questions and doubts engulf the mind, when you decide to study further in an international arena, for acquiring that much coveted international stamp on your resume. Course fees, course duration, career prospects, school ranking are some such factors considered by all. However, choice of the country is a factor which tends to get neglected by many, if not all, in taking one of the most important decisions in their life. However, once you embark upon your journey, you soon realise that a lot depends on which country you’;ve chosen to study in. And when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. Working visa
Vis-à-vis countries like US, where getting a work visa is a nightmare, UK has a friendlier route for acquiring a working visa. HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrants Programme), as it is called, opens doors for individuals inclined to work in the UK. If you satisfy certain conditions laid down by the UK home office, you are eligible to apply for the HSMP visa. Needless to say, this visa enables you to find a job for yourself in the UK.

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The very first stage of entry in the foreign country. You may have got admissions, procured loans, resigned from your job, and settled everything. And your student visa gets rejected. All dreams and plans shattered. Whether you believe it or not, but is very much possible to get rejected on the student visa even after having a valid institute admit letter in hand. However, an admit letter from a renowned UK institute almost ensures your entry into the UK. Working Married Partners
Unlike some other countries, where the accompanying married partner has no clue about the future of his/her career, UK turns out to be a boon. One is authorised to work on a student dependant visa. Better still, if you satisfy the conditions of the HSMP, simply get one and catch hold of head-hunters. London Financial Markets
The hottest financial markets in the world currently. That’;s how they refer to London. If you are hungry to do the best of financial jobs with the best of people and work in the best of financial products, there is no other destination that will satisfy you. Socialising
You may have been a globe trotter and an international personality. You may gel well with people of all cultures and backgrounds. But there is no place like home. And what if you find a home away from home? UK offers you just that. With so many Indians settled in the country for years together and so many other professionals flocking the place over the last few years, there is no dearth of Indians in the United Kingdom. You will be surprised to see a good ratio of the Asian community, especially Indians in every workplace. It couldn’;t get better than this. Good B-Schools
It is also worthy to note that some of the best business schools in the world hail from London and the rest of UK. London Business School ranks 2* in the global management sphere. London School of Economics, Cass Business School, Said Business School at Oxford University, Judge Business School at University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London are some of the other renowned colleges in United Kingdom. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to the Queen’;s land. *According to Financial Times 2008 ranking of Full Time MBA programmes across the globe.

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