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The Choice of a Career


They say, ???Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life.??? Such is the enjoyment one feels in working when the choice of what work to do, is a correct one. The average working span of an individual???s life spans about 50 years which is a formidable half a century. As such, it is an imperative that the choice of a career should be made with much deliberation and precision. In choosing a career, you may consider: ??? Doing things you would do for your wherewithal to earn a living. ??? Doing things that you love to do. ??? Your secret life and hence what you may want to do with a strong passion, eventually. In whatever way you shape your life, eventually what remains critical is your happiness. Your internal strengths, aptitudes, interests and desires need to be weighed with external opportunities that come your way at the job as also in the career that you will choose to pursue. The important thing here to be remembered is that a there is a difference bet

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