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Youth Must Be Given A Proper Direction


Rekha Ranade, an educationist and Principal of CFDAV School, Gadepan,
explains how exposure to extra-curricular activities form a part of the school curriculum.

Rekha Ranande, feels that school education lays more stress on theoretical study and neglects those activities which could really help in building the personality of a child.
She says, “The energy of our boys and girls needs to be channelized. We not only need good engineers or doctors but also physically fit young people who could be a part of our armed forces or could help the nation in other areas. Sports, NCC, NSS. etc. must form an important part of a student’;s life. Youth must be given a proper direction.”

She states that parents must assess the potential of their children and support them in whatever line they want to take instead of throttling their ambitions. Arts, sports, culture, dance, music etc. are after all an important part of an individual’;s life. She suggests that we should develop counselling and guiding systems in our schools, to combat the aspirations of parents which in many cases leads students to frustrations. There must be aptitude and IQ tests in schools to help the students in deciding their future careers and thus help them tremendously. She believes in laying down a strong foundation for the boys and girls so that their future is fairly secured and bright.

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