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Career Guide


Career Guide –  a step by step guidance for students passing out of Class 10 or Class 12.So if you are in Class 10 and about to start Class 11 or if you are in Class 12 and about to begin your college, then this section will be your friend, philosopher and guide.  Are you confused which stream to opt after Class 10?  Are you still thinking what to do after Class 12? Are you worried about which stream to opt after Class 10? You will find answers to all your questions right here!

How to Achieve your Goal!

We are sure you all have dreams to fulfill. If one wants to be a doctor, then the other wants to be a fashion designer. If someone wishes to be a police officer, then the other wants to rule the world by writing. Did you know that there are institutes and state level exams for engineering and AIEEE or IIT are not the only engineering entrance exams or that if you are good in drawing and sketching, you can use those skills to become a graphic artist or animator? Here we have given you a step by step guide on how to go about fulfilling your ambition of some of the most popular careers. 

If you are in Class 10 and about to seek admission in Class 11, then you can also take an in-depth reading of the various streams, their scope and comparative analysis of the streams:

If you are a student passing out of Class 12 and about to enter college, then have you thought of ‘What Next?’ I am sure you must have, and even if you have not decided what to do after Class 12, then be cool as we have answers to all your queries. Do not worry, if you haven’t score well in Class 12, there are options galore for you.

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