Career in Agricultural Economics 2023 : Scope , eligibility , Career Prospects

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Applying principles of economics to the agricultural industry, this field tries to predict market trends for agro-products. Resource allocation and investment practices related to the field are taught. The job itself involves monitoring trade patterns, weather, equipment, consumer preferences and production methods. Professionals usually possess a Master’s degree, and if they have expertise in particular areas, may work as consultants.

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Eligibility Criteria for Agricultural Economics Courses

Applicants to Master level courses (2 years full time) must possess a Bachelor degree; Ph.D. applicants must possess a Master Degree.

Agricultural Economics Career Prospects

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management asBecome your own boss as a manager in a family and/or other small businesses.

Agribusiness Management Adapt and apply regular management and research practices to businesses engaged in production and distribution of agro-products:

Public Service: Roughly the same as Agribusiness Management, only through government agency, with an added element of sustainability and conservation. State agencies offer a greater range of career choices than federal ones.

Veterinary Management: An oblique entry into the industry, it involves dealing with the health of animals related to agriculture. Students may take classes to qualify for veterinary medicine and open a practice on completing the program.

Finance and Appraisal: Project and property appraisals, investment evolutions and loan approval in commercial and agricultural banks.

Farm Business Management: Agriculture economics job prospects aren’t limited to working as specialised consultants. You may either work your own farm or as a member of an integrated agricultural firm.

International Agriculture and Development: Two elements, namely, the proliferation of multinational firms and the support handed out to developing nations, have created many international opportunities for a career in agriculture economics. The work is more or less the same as in the above areas, but the scope is much wider.

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Agricultural Economics in Indian Universities

  • University of Allahabad,
  • Faculty of Animal Husbandry,
  • Allahabad 211002
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute
  • University of Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Economics in Foreign Universities

  • Mcgill University, (Quebec)
  • Founded in 1821. 80 acre urban campus.
  • Nova Scotia Agricultural College, (Nova Scotia)
  • Founded in 1905. 408 acresmall town campus.
  • UniversiteLaval, (Quebec)
  • Founded in 1852. 465 acre urban campus.
  • Noteworthy research facility.
  • University of Alberta,(Alberta)
  • Founded in 1906. 154 acre urban campus.
  • Noteworthy Research facility.
  • University Of Guelph,(Ontario)
  • Founded in 1964. 1200 acre suburban campus with easy access to Toronto. Noteworthy research facility.
  • University Of Manitoba,(Manitoba)
  • Founded in 1877. 685 acre suburban campus.
  • University Of Saskatchewan,(Saskatchewan)
  • Founded in 1907. 363 acre urban campus. Noteworthy research facility