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Ques. Which is the best stream: Management, Engineering or Medical to study?

Answer. All have the potential of providing you a platform wherein you can have a sense of achievement in all possible respect. All provide the opportunity of bringing tangible change in the existing system. As far other incentives are concerned the achievers of all the three streams are mighty in their own respect. As a management student you can aspire to head a multinational giants like the coke and the Pepsi where as an engineer or technocrat you stand the possibility of achieving the heights of the Indian President (Dr. APJ Kalam). Thus it should have been clear by now that potential is not in the stream it is your determination and the will power that help you scale heights.

Ques. What is a  Psychometric Test?

Psychometric test is a tool used mainly in the recruitment process. It is recognized as an efficient way to gain insight into a person’s personality and psychological thinking. It can help in developing team spirit in the workplace and assess an individual’s priorities.

Psychometric testing usually falls into three main categories: Ability testing, Aptitude tests and Personality questionnaires. Such test are used in various engineering and management examination

Ques. Is 16 years of study mandatory for GMAT?

Answer. The Graduate Management Admission of Test is designed to help B- schools assess the qualifications and potential of applicants for advanced study in business and management.

You need to take GMAT if you are seeking admission to B- schools mainly in the United States and Canada. However, B-schools in other parts of the world, including some in India also accept these scores.

No, age or academic qualification is specified .All you need is a valid passport. The 16 year funda mainly applies to B- schools in the U.S. However, even that is not a hard and fast rule as far as admission to management schools is concerned. Instead, what is mandatory is a minimum of two to three years of work experience after graduation. For a detailed view log on to our site on GMAT /international-exams/GMAT/

Ques: Common Aptitude Test (CAT) is online? Is it correct?

A1: CAT became a computer based test (CBT) and not internet based test (IBT) since November 2009. I.e. Candidate does not take the test on an internet site. Instead of reading the questions in a paper booklet and darkening the ovals on the answer-sheet, a candidate will read the questions on a computer terminal and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

Ques. Which are the best  fields of management  that are beneficial?

All specialization or fields of management can be good, but when you choose a specialization it should be-in-the context of your-abilities and personality. For example, finance is a good specialization if you have strong numerical and analytical skills, while marketing is ideal for those with strong interpersonal communication skills who are open minded, comfortable with numbers and have commercial awareness. The decision on a specialization needs to be taken after Graduation. So as of now focus on your Bachelor’s degree.

Ques. How can we become a vet?

Answer. You will have to seek admission in to the Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animals Husbandry (BVSc & AH) course at a veterinary college. This course is akin to the medical degree course except that it deals with animals. The eligibility is plus two with Physics, Chemistry and biology .You must seriously examine if you are good with P,C,B and interested in those subjects for that is what you have to base your studies on. Only love for animals should not dictate a career as a vet, though it is a good starting point. For a detailed view log on the site /CareerCenter/

Ques. What are the prospects of employment after the BVSC & Ah course?

Answer. Opportunities in this profession are good. Pet care clinics are the urban craze and need while there can be good opportunities in stables and stud Farms, dairies with government departments and organizations, aquariums, wild life sanctuaries, national parks, zoos, etc. research and teaching are other options. Pharmaceutical companies, biomedical research firms are also the prospective employers in this arena.

Ques.What is the pay package of a qualified video editor earn?

Since the advent of streaming videos and movie clips in the websites, video editors are in great demand. They can work as an employer or as a freelance in a firm.
The beginners in the initial stage can earn between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,500 per month. The earnings can be raised after a few years of experience. Those working as freelance will be paid per hour and the amount paid will depends up on the company.

Those with talent and experience will be in greatest demand and will have the best chances for employment. Large studios will be offering competitive salaries for the top editors in the field.

Ques. Does Pharmacy graduate have good prospects in sales and marketing?

Answer. Pharmacy graduates are popular choices for opportunities in sales and marketing. If Pharmacy graduates are not available then the next choice is a science graduate however, you must assess if you would be able to pick up selling and marketing skills and be able to take care of sales responsibilities.

Ques. What is the scope of a career in foreign trade management?

Answer. Today there are quite a few reputed institutions/management schools offering specialized management programmes in International Business or Foreign trade. From IIFT you can really get the best work options since campus placements are excellent. The scope of a career in foreign trade depends a lot on the place where you get a professional training. Once you are placed, your growth chart depends upon your personal initiative, innovativeness and learning attitude.

Ques. How should I prepare for the entrance test for admissions to IIFT, Delhi?

Answer. The multiple choice questions test has about 200 questions to assess English comprehension, general knowledge, reasoning, management skills, analysis of a business situation, quantitative and verbal ability, ethics and economics with particular reference to international trade. Prepare as you would for tackling management entrance tests, giving additional attention to areas of general knowledge and awareness of issues on international trade.

Ques.What is eligibility for applying a course in Anthropology?

Aspiring students with arts can also apply to pursue a course in Anthropology. Generally a Science background at the +2 level is preferred for a B.Sc. program in Anthropology.

B.Sc in Anthropology is of three years duration and thereafter one can specialize in any of the branches at M.Sc and M.Phil levels. A candidate, who plans to join international development agencies as an advisor, should preferably have a Ph.D. degree in the subject.

Ques. What are the eligibility criteria for the SCRA exams?

Answer. Criteria of eligibility include: A scholar holding a first or second division in the plus Two or equivalent examination with Mathematics as one of the subjects of the qualifying examination and at least one of the subjects, Physics or chemistry, as the subjects of this exam. Those with higher qualifications can also apply if you fall within the age group – 17 years to 21 years .Relaxations in the upper age limit apply to SC/ST candidates, and various others.

Ques. What is the medium of the special class railway Apprentices Examination and the level off knowledge in the subjects of the examination?

Answer. The papers are set only in English medium. The level of knowledge expected for the exam is of the plus two/ equivalent standard, not.

Ques. What is the content of the different papers of the SCRA examination?

Answer. Paper I evaluates proficiency in the English language, general knowledge and also includes a psychological test.

Paper II evaluates knowledge of the Physical Sciences, that is, Physics and chemistry.

Paper III is just Mathematics and nothing else. Do note that not only class 11, 12 but also some components of secondary school mathematics curriculum are included in the questions. The papers are set only in English medium.

Ques. What are the direct advantages of pursuing an academic program such as Masters of Social Work (MSW)?

Answer. Masters of Social Work would equip you for professional placement in the field of social work with National and International Social Welfare organizations. Many corporate houses with a full- fledged community development department in place also hire professionally trained Social workers.

What could be the useful skills for an aspiring publisher?

Answer. A publisher should have good business sense with an ability to predict future trends in the market.

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