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What is Medical Transcription? Courses & Careers

medical transcription

Medical transcription, in short called as MT, is fast becoming one of the most sought after home-based professions in India as well as in several developed countries.

Medical transcription can be defined as a process of transcribing or converting recorded dictations by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals regarding a patient’s medical record into a written text.

Medical transcription is the industry that renders doctor dictated reports, procedures, and notes into an electronic or paper format in order to create files representing the treatment history of patients. Health practitioners dictate what they have done after performing procedures on patients.

A patient who is admitted to the hospital, or seen in the emergency room, or has an X-ray, for practically any medical incident, reports are generated.

The medical transcriptionist is the key person who transforms those reports from the dictated form to the written form, to be produced as hard copy or sent to storage in a computer system.

As long as people get sick, injured, or visit medical personnel for other reasons, there will be a job for a medical transcriptionist. That transcriptionist must know medical terminology thoroughly, must have a command of English grammar, and be efficient on the keyboard.

Eligibility Criteria

It is strongly recommended that students have a strong background in Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Basic Life Science, Basic or Applied Math, basic computer applications skills, basic research skills, strong technical reading and writing skills

Medical transcriptionist must be able to work independently, know how to research unfamiliar terms and phrases, and be conscientious workers with a good eye for detail.

The emphasis, as always, is on the importance of quality transcription. They know that while there are many transcriptionists out there, really excellent ones are relatively hard to find.

Career Scope & Job Prospects

Unlike becoming a doctor or lawyer, becoming a medical transcriptionist does not require an advanced college degree, nor does it require an enormous investment of capital to get started in practice.

To make a career in this emerging professional field you need to join a good training centre where you can get adequate knowledge and fundamentals involving the profession.

The demand for qualified medical transcriptionists is increasing day by day thereby creating better opportunities for the trained professionals.

Medical transcription not only offers better career growth but also offers a unique lifestyle that many dream but fail to achieve because of uncertainty or lack of motivation.

The career may be technically challenging but rewarding. If you are serious about exploring a career as an at-home medical transcriptionist, it will be important to find the right medical transcription school.

Skills and Attributes

Medical Transcriptions must possess the following essential attributes

    • Familiarity with medical jargon
    • Good typing skills
    • Excellent listening skills
    • Excellent command over English
    • Ability to adjust to different accents and diction
    • Ability to deduct medical inconsistencies in dictation
    • Ability to work long hours
    • High level of concentration over long periods of time

Medical Transcription training modules cover the following subjects

    • English grammar
    • Medical terminology
    • Human anatomy
    • American English
    • Growth prospects etc.

Top 20 Colleges/Institutes for Medical Transcription Courses

Medical transcription schools offer certificate courses in transcription. Fees for short term (3-6 months) courses range from Rs. 20,000 – 30,000. In-house training programs are also offered by transcription firms that hire freshers. In India there are few training institutes offering courses in medical transcription.

The following are some of the institutes offering short term courses on medical transcription.

1Academy of Medical TranscriptionNew Delhi
2Alliance Commet Ltd.New Delhi
3American Academy of Medical TranscriptionNew Delhi
4Apex Network Ltd.New Delhi
5Atari Institute of Medical TranscriptionNew Delhi
6Burr Brown (India) Ltd.New Delhi
7DIMTSouth Delhi
8Heartlandindia, Heartlineindia Training DivisionNew Delhi
9Indian Institute of Medical TranscriptionNew Delhi
10Indo-American Academy of Medical TranscriptionNew Delhi
11Indo-American Academy of Medical TranscriptionNew Delhi
12ITES, Medical Transcription Knowledge CenterNew Delhi
13KITCONew Delhi
14Medical transcription Education CenterNew Delhi
15Pan-America institute of Medical TranscriptionNew Delhi
16Wintel institute of Medical Transcription(WIMT)New Delhi
17Zero Error Med- Trancription (ZEMT)Noida
18Dr. Zakir Hussain Institute of Medical TranscriptionMeerut
19Ancient Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Chandigarh
20Armed Forces Medical CollegePune
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