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Communication Engineering - Careers, Salary and Colleges


Communication Engineering teaches about systems, satellites, television, telephone, radar, and navigation etc. Today we can communicate instantly with a person sitting thousands of miles far just with the push of few buttons of telephone; we can get instant weather information of whole universe from satellites, we can spot an enemy entering in our territory through air route with the help of a radar, we can watch proceedings in parliament and courtrooms instantly sitting home on television, and all this become possible due to communication system engineering.
Communication System Engineering sometimes also referred as Communication Engineering. Communication System Engineering is a new study discipline. Students who study Communication System Engineering are called Communication Engineers.

Communication Engineers truly revolutionized the human society by shrinking the length and breadth of the world through faster communication means. The knowledge of communication engineering not only made the communication faster but also benefited to many other fields like medicine, travel, education, military etc.
Passenger aircraft’s can travel thousands of miles in a matter of couple of hours; doctors can treat an injured soldier in rough mountain terrain sitting back in hospital, learners can access range of learning resources from across the globe sitting back in home study or library.

In limited words, one can say, communication engineering strengthened every walk of life. Since communication engineering is a new field there are enormous challenges to work out, but offers huge range of opportunities.
Communication Engineering is offered as separate study discipline at postgraduate level. Graduate students in electrical communication engineering,/computer science & engineering,/Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and other related study disciplines can study this course.
Many universities in India offers study program in communication engineering through faculty of engineering at postgraduate level. Besides teaching communication engineering, course work also includes computers hardware, computer language like C, physics, chemistry, mathematics and social sciences etc.

Students are trained for applying knowledge of communication engineering in industrial settings.  They also acquire skills like public speaking, project management, and technical writing etc, which made them effective communicators.

Eligibility Criteria

Universities in India offers study programs in Communication Engineering at Postgraduate level. Degrees like Master of Engineering (ME), / Master of Technology (M.Tech) are awarded. At undergraduate level programs are offered in related study disciplines like electrical communication engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering etc. Degrees like Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) / Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) are awarded.

  • To join a course at undergraduate level, students need 10+2 level or an equivalent qualification with physics, chemistry, mathematics and English. For admission entrance examinations are conducted. For details click here.  To study a course at post graduate level students require qualifying in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).
  • Universities and research institutes offers research programs leading to the award of Doctoral of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and post doctoral research fellowships in Communication System Engineering. Admissions are offered on the basis of exams like GATE, CSIR JRF, etc.
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Career and Job Prospects

Opportunities in large numbers exist for communication engineers in telecommunication sector, including, radio, television, telephone, and mobile communication, and computers etc.

Industries manufacturing electronics and communication products need services of communication engineers in R&D labs, workshops, management, and marketing etc.

Communication engineers also finds work opportunities with space agencies as technicians, engineers and researchers. In academics, opportunities offered as lecturers, professors and researchers.

Salary Package

Communication Engineers enjoys lucrative pay package in the industry. The salary of a beginner communication engineer averages approximately Rs. 20,000 per month. Many other facilities like HRA, TA, DA, and perks and performance bonuses are also offered. Earning rises several fold depending on performance on work, and promotions earned etc. Communication Engineers enjoys high social respect in the community.

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Top 10 Communication Engineering Colleges/Institutes 2017

1IIT KharagpurKharagpur
2IIT RoorkeeRoorkee
3BITS PilaniPilani
4IIT BHUVaranasi
5IIT GuwahatiGuwahati
6NIT TiruchirappalliTiruchirappalli
7NIT SurathkalSurathkal
8BIT MesraRanchi
9Jadavpur University (Faculty of Engineering & Technology)Kolkata
10IIIT HyderabadHyderabad
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