How to stay calm & focused during board exams

As the students of Class 12th all over the country gear up for their CBSE Board Exams 2018 the pressure is on everyone to perform their best and get good marks to secure seats at reputable colleges for further studies. PM Modi himself addressed the nation’s students only a few days ago and provided them with valuable tips on how to bring out the best in themselves in these examinations. With the coming of the first exam the pressure is peaking like never before this year and we have compiled a list of tips for you:

  1. Don’t stay up all night doing revision. In fact, give yourself an extra hour of sleep if possible. You would only be able to perform optimally if your brain is well rested and ready to work hard.
  2. As in most other situations in life, being calm and centered is essential to being ‘in your element’ during exams. So take the time to unwind and relax. Go for a walk, do yoga, exercise, watch a relaxing show.
  3. Remember to eat right. Avoid junk food as much as possible. Rely on your mom to supply you with healthy nutritional food to boost your brain activity.
  4. Make a real or metal list of the things you need for the exam (pens, admit cards, writing board, geometry set etc.) so you don’t forget them or have to turn back once you’ve set out for the exam hall.
  5. If you are not able to cover something completely then skip it rather than missing out on other parts that you might have revised and gotten by heart.
  6. Finally, remember that it is just an exam – it doesn’t define your life or who you are. Take it in stride and you’ll do great!

We wish all students appearing for Board Exams all the very best.

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