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Infographic: Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry


The emerging esports industry is a multi-million dollar market that continues to gain interest worldwide. Esports refers to competitive online video gaming performed in front of a live audience as global fans and followers tune in to watch games and competitions through online streaming platforms. Esports as a growing industry is largely underestimated by those who are unfamiliar with the gaming industry, and yet it continues to develop into an exciting and interactive market with significant potential for growth across all sectors.

For example, the esports industry requires job roles far beyond the careers of professional gamer or video game developer. Management, marketing and finance roles are required to manage aspects such as high-profile competitions, online campaigns and sponsorships from big names such as Red Bull, ESPN, Intel and even Coke Zero. Community managers are required to establish location-based communities that rally support for players, while social media managers are in demand to push out relevant gaming content. Translation services, designers, user experience testers and even jobs such as warehouse managers and apparel creators are required within the industry as it continues to merge with other sectors.

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Jobs within the esports industry are increasingly lucrative and provide great opportunities for more competitive salaries, international travel, career development, networking and exposure to new, high-end technologies. This infographic which was developed in association with Computer Planet discloses some of the many jobs available within the esports industry, as well as what you could expect to earn (in USD) and the skills required for each job. Take a close look because with the online gaming industry in India projected to hit $1 billion by the year 2021, you’ll be sorely disappointed that you didn’t jump at the chance to become a part of this exciting job market that will only continue to grow.

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