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Legal Advisor Career


The career of a Legal Advisor is one of immense responsibilities, pressure and excitement. A Legal Advisor can be employed in both, the government, as well as the private sector.

Legal Advisor Roles and Duties

A Legal Advisor must advise his minister, the government, or the private organization he represents or even the head of state, of the existing law or a treaty with respect to a particular issue, problem or a situation.

He must take care of the conformity of a new treaty with general rules of the laws in practice and previously accepted legal commitments of the party which he represents.

He must also take care of the legal-technical correctness and necessary precision of the text: clear and non-ambiguous formulation, appropriate final and transitory provisions.

The legal advisor sometimes has to represent his client/the party he represents before the national courts and sometimes before international tribunals or arbitration commissions.

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Legal Advisor Eligibility Criteria

There is no fixed criterion to be a Legal Advisor, but some of the general requirements to be a Legal Advisor are:

  • Be a firm or company (individuals are generally not eligible);
  • Have practiced corporate finance;
  • Have acted on Relevant Transactions during the study of corporate finance

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Legal Advisor Job Opportunities

There is wide scope of job opportunities after completing the bachelor degree in law. Some job opportunities include:

    • Legal Advisor
    • Legal Officer
    • Legal Assistant
    • Legal Research Analyst
    • Legal Manager
    • Legal Intern
    • Executive (Legal)
    • Investment Advisor
    • DGM – Litigation
    • Junior Lawyer
    • Legal Editor
    • Vice President Legal
    • Legal Associate, Associate Legal Counsel etc
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