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Careers In Public Relations (PR): Courses, Jobs, Salary

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So what are the aspects of a Public Relations job? Well, it is literally just that. It basically comes down to understanding and maintaining relations with the public—whether it’s with an organisation, the media, the government, employees or with consumers.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations officers or PROs are in-charge of keepingin touch with people they come in contact with. A PR career entails improving communication between the important people who keep the business running, and establishing new channels of communication that may provide the business with more opportunities in the future.

What does a Public Relations person do?

Public image has become of utmost importance in today’s day and age when marketing can make or break a company. The role of a PRO becomes even more important when, in a crisis situation, the reputation of the organisation or company is at stake.

This is why jobs in the Public relations field are growing faster than ever before. 

Public Relation Eligibility Criteria

Graduates of a humanities background are eligible to take up Public relations during their higher studies in PR colleges. Post graduate degrees and diplomas are required to get placed in the field.

Most diploma courses in public relations last one year. There are short-term certificate courses also available that last a couple of months. Some colleges have entrance exams, while others also take up students on merit. 

During your time studying public relations courses, you will mostly cover topics like public relations techniques and principles, that will come in handy on the field. You will also learn how to write news releases, annual reports, speeches and scripts and include elements like audio-visuals, graphics and surveys to ensure that your company or organisation remains in everyone’s good books.

Public Relation Personality Traits

    • Excellent Communication Skills
    • Impressive Personality
    • Team Player
    • Good Organizing Skills
    • Must have self-confidence and farsightedness.
    • Must be able to understand human psychology and take decisions apt to the situation.
    • Strong Analytical Skills

Public Relation Career Options and Job Prospects

These days, everyone is looking out for good publicity, so the opportunities in this field are absolutely endless. The public sector and corporate sector is looking for efficient public relations officers who can handle crisis situations with élan.

Forget about mainstream job opportunities. These days, even public figures like actors and politicians need a good public relations team who can speak to the media and help them maintain a good image in front of the public.

PROs help the client keep a list of activities and the kind of behaviour they need to display. They also need to advise them on how to interact with the media. They also need to liaison with the consumers and other external agencies that might demand the client’s time.

Lobbying, a new field in this career, involves bringing about the passage of laws favorable to the special interest group they represent like a company, industries, government etc. It is a strategy used to raise public consciousness and influence policy makers in areas like environment, human rights, education etc. This is an interesting area of work in public relation.

Public Relation Pay Package

The pay package for entry level positions may range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000 a month. As you climb the ladder you can expect a salary between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Pros and Cons:

PR professionals get a decent pay and is a good opportunity for individuals with good communication skills.

However, more often PR professionals are seen changing clients regularly which leads to an unstable career.

Public Relation Institutes

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