Career in detective services

The very words “private detective”conjure up images of a toughened, enigmatic but intelligent individual (often wearing dark glasses) who goes about trapping culprits and cracking the toughest of cases before people like you and me can say Jack Robinson.

With the ever increasing crime rate in the country, the scope for private detectives in India has also increased. As a result, there has been an increased interest in students aspiring for careers that require detective work.

This may be a tough career option but a young individual who has the potential and courage to fight against crime will definitely find this a satisfying profession. 

As exciting as this profession may seem, it is not without its challenges. Before you even begin to think about a career as a private detective you must be completely confident in your ability to think on your feet in the face of danger. Whatever the nature of the investigation, there is always an element of risk and danger. 

Private detectives serve as individual support to law enforcement agents. They work independently thus lightening the burden on our police force.


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