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Career in Real Estate - Courses, Institutes & Job Opportunities


With liberalization and privatization of Indian economy, there has bean a noticeable upsurge in the infrastructure and real estate actualities in the country.

The India masses belonging to all sections are also experiencing a sudden increase in their buying capacities.

Today one can see dozens of Shopping malls, multiplexes, luxurious residential quarters and SEZs spread almost all across India, all because o boom in the infrastructure requirement of the nation. With all these reasons, the real estate sector has emerged as one of the largest employer in the country.

The real estate sector employs a range of workers starting from Civil Engineers to Structural Engineers and from Architects to Town Planners who carry out

    • Urban Planning
    • Environmental Planning
    • Housing Planning
    • Transport Planning

Apart from these engineering profiles, there are Land Surveyors who conduct various survey and on the utility of the land.

Property Assessors, these professionals figure out the amount of money to be paid to the previous landowners and the pricing of space in the proposed new building .This job profile requires extensive study of aspects like quality of the neighborhood, transportation connectivity and future prospects of the area.

Sales Personnel closely with the public relations department to generate sales.

Facility Managers are considered to be responsible for keeping the building, residential or office complex or township’s infrastructure running.

Also important in this sector is the role played by various Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Welders, Masons Horticulturists and Gardeners and Brick layers etc.


Eligibility Criteria

To cater to a variety of tasks required by the industry, different institutes impart training in respective domains. For example, for Electricians, diploma courses ITI (Industrial Training Institutes) are on offer.

For Project or Construction managers, many business schools are coming up with many tailor made programs to suit the industry’s requirements.

Property assessors and Legal Advisors come from the field of law; a relevant law degree is always necessary here.

Land surveyors, Architects and Town Planners must have appropriate degree; generally a degree in Civil Engineering is handy for these posts.

Sales personnel should ideally possess management degree in marketing.

Top College/Institute for Real Estate Courses

National Institute of Construction Management and Research

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