How to be a Public Speaker - Courses, Colleges & Career Opportunities

While thinking of a career as public speaker, the name that must be ringing in your mind would be that of ‘Shiv Khera’- the author of the famous quote” winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. Besides him, there are plenty of success stories associated with this job-profile.

Today, to many of us, it may sound strange that by merely speaking for few hours, one can earn in lakhs, but it’s true. We are talking about the entry of Public speaker in almost all walks of our lives now.

Down the ages, Indians bestowed great respect to constructive speakers in almost all walks of life. From education to the field of politics, good speakers have always been treasured for their efforts and ability to motivate people towards the right way of life. Their words have touched the lives of millions of people and stimulated them to go out and turn their dreams into reality.

Like any of us, Public speakers are also normal human beings but they do possess certain advanced skills of speech to generate positive attitude among the masses. A public speaker is not endowed with the talent by birth but he develops it through consistent practices and right guidance.

Eligibility Criteria

There is neither a special educational criterion nor requirement for former experience for a career as Public Speaker.

  • All you need is a strong zeal and a positive attitude to assist in the endeavors of different people belonging to wide-ranging sections of the society.
  • Excellent inter-personal skills and effective communication skills are most important criterion for making a head start in this profession.
  • By and large, any management school or personal grooming institute can be termed as the best places to attain these skills.

Personal Skills

Superb Oratory skills, excellent s inter-personal skills and a strong zeal to instill confidence and positive attitude among the masses is all it takes to be an effective Public Speaker.

Career Scope & Job Prospects

Many corporate companies, government agencies, schools and colleges, seminar companies, trade shows conventions and conferences, and non-profit organizations seek the help of public speakers for the purpose of instilling confidence among their employees.

Another useful way to reach out to people is through speakers bureaus spread all across the country.

During one’s struggling days, one should showcase his/her write-ups or any literary piece through websites or by getting them published in newspapers and magazines. With necessary resources in place, one can always start off his own venture in public speaking. 

Salary Package

As a rule, Public speakers are hired on a contractual basis and their pay manner is similar to like those of consultants, who can be associated with several organizations at the same time.

On an average, the monthly salary of a Public Speaker can range anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs.

Top Colleges/Institutes for Public Speaking

Almost all management school and institutes engaged in the field of personality development and personal grooming, impart training in various skills needed by an effective public speaker.