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Telemarketing as a Career Option


Owing to rapid strides in various business activities and MNCs ever increasing search for more and more buyers and consumers, the telemarketing scenario in India is undoubtedly on the upswing.

In India, though telemarketing is a new career option, it has been a source of earnings for many of qualified professionals of the country.

Today more and more fresh graduates are being employed by thousands of IT and IT-enabled services to bolster their sales efforts.

 The difference between a typical call center activity and a telemarketing activity is just with respect to their nature of operations.

While a telemarketer executive  puts all his/her efforts  in  marketing a product or service by making outbound calls to various potential customers, a call centre executive, most of the times, engages  in inbound activities where one receive calls and queries regarding products and services.

This career choice is open to anyone who would be willing to undergo training with regards to skill-set necessary for telemarketing a product or service.

Of late, due to best of pay-packages and other benefits, aspirants with minimum of qualifications have made mark in this field.

Eligibility Criteria

Besides undergoing training from various telemarketing companies itself, aspirants can also opt for specialized telemarketing courses. These courses are designed specifically to groom executives for this specialized field.

These training modules are aimed at imparting Skills set with regards to proper accent, listening skills, telephone etiquette, cyber grammar, customer relationship skills, management skills and knowledge of various telemarketing terminologies.

Personal Skills

Fluency in the English language or the language in which marketing has to be carried out, good interpersonal skills, familiarity with computers, speed typing and above all, a zeal to sell a product/services  are surely an asset in this job profile.


Career Scope & Job Prospects

A qualified telemarketer can specialize in different segments such as Tele Lead Management, Lead Generation, Decision Maker Contacts, Appointment Scheduling, Debt Collection Services, Database Selling, Market Intelligence Services, Product Promotion, Research Surveys and Polling, Telephone and Web-based Business Development, Up Sell or Cross Sell Campaigns, Direct Mail Follow-up and Seminar Population. Each of these fields offer excellent pay-package in addition to other life-style benefits.

In this field, promotions are generally based on experience, ability, and skills in selling. Also, telemarketers can always also opt for jobs as marketing, public relations, or human resources professionals because the training involved in telemarketing are of similar nature as to those required by those job-profiles.

Initially, a Customer Care Executive is usually paid in the salary bracket of Rs. 6,500- Rs. 10,000.

Thereupon, depending on performance, qualifications, and capabilities, one can grow to a salary bracket of Rs.25000-Rs. 35000.

Top Colleges/Institutes for Telemarketing

1Akiko Sherman InfotechNew Delhi
2Edu-Tech IndiaBangalore | Chennai | Mumbai | New Delhi
3Ian SternNew Delhi
4Hero MindmineGurgaon | New Delhi | Mumbai | Bangalore
5JTS InstitutesBangalore
6North Star Call Center CollegeNoida
7Trans-India Management SystemsAhmedabad
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