CBSE CCE - Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation

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CCE stands for Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation. It is comprehensive because the evaluation is exhaustive and is done on many levels and since the evaluation is all year round, it is continuous.

CCE Grading system:

Given below is the grading system of CCE opted by CBSE

CCE Grading System


What is CCE?

CCE stands for comprehensive and continuous evaluation. To know more about what CCE is and how it functions, click here.

How would CCE help in reducing stress of students?

CCE helps in reducing stress by identifying the progress of students and identifying their competencies and areas they might need to work upon, by testing their skills at regular time intervals. The system encourages learning through employment of a variety of teaching aids and techniques.

Is it OK for a student to devote time to activities like dance and drama rather than academics?

CCE aims to develop an all round developed student. This includes development of cognitive, academic and psychometric aspects of a student’s personality.

Why mention ailments a student is suffering from, in his report card?

Schools are expected to get their students examined by qualified doctors twice in a session (July and January) so as to bring to notice any disease that a student may be suffering so that proper medication may be started for the child.

How can on teacher maintain records of 50 or so students in a section?

The CBSE has provided the teachers with manuals and proper tools in order to evaluate a student. Moreover, the CBSE has been conduction sessions to familiarize teachers in matters related to the CCE.

Should a student take the board exams?

While the board exams for class 10 have become optional, we encourage the students to take the board exams. To know more about why one should take the board exams, click here.

How would CCE help in improvement of student’s performance?

CCE helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.

How will CCE help a student select subjects in class 11?

Comprehensive and continuous evaluation will assess the skills of a student all year round. The student can participate in a range of activities from drama to debates as per his liking. He can concentrate on subjects he likes. Also, The CBSE plans to offer an aptitude test for classes IX and X from 2010.The first test will be available by February 2010. By the time a student reaches Class XI, he/she would have undertaken the aptitude test twice once at the end of class IX and then at the end of class X. These factors combined will help a student take a prudent decision.

Will a student get CCE certificate even if he does not clear the examinations?

All those regular students of the Board’s affiliated schools who have undergone a course of study in the 9th and 10th classes shall be issued this certificate with effect from March 2011 examination

What is the passing grade for a student?

Grade D and above are considered passing grades.

What does percentile rank depict in the CCE card?

A percentile rank identifies the percentage of students/ peer group that a student score has surpassed. For example a student has a test score of 66 and a percentile rank of 70 in his class. That means that a score of 66 is higher than 70% of the students in one’s class.

How to bridge the gap between school and Board pattern of marking of answer sheets?

The marking of answer sheets in Board examination is done in a systematic manner using a well design marking scheme which indicates the allocation of marks for different value points in an answer. In case of all summative assessments at school level, the marking scheme will be provided by the Board.

How to prepare for different subjects in class 10?

Preparation for exams is subjective. But to know how to prepare for the board exams, click here.

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