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How to Deal with CBSE Board Exam Stress

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6 ways to deal with the overwhelming exam stress:

1. Put it in perspective


Remember that there will be a time when you don’t have to worry about this! You’ve already taken the pre-board exams and have an idea of what work needs to be done based on your score. If you’ve treated the pre-boards as practice, then you know what to expect when exam day arrives.


2. Eliminate stress

eliminate stress

When you’re experiencing stress over board exams, think about how it’s affecting you. If it makes school and studying more difficult, it isn’t useful to you. Try to eliminate anything that makes studying more stressful. Do you have a favorite place to study? Something to look forward to when you finish studying? Try to track your progress and reward yourself. Study with friends if you can form a small group that supports and encourages each member.

You do have control over your study plans in the next few weeks – try to channel any worries you have into productivity. Make a timeline for studying and follow it. Most importantly, build breaks into your plans so that you’re not drained when it comes time for the real exams.

3. Practice makes Perfect

practice makes perfect

Practice makes a man perfect and when you practice you become more confident about what and how to do. Practice and study daily, review yourself and your improvement each time to feel more confident. Most of the times we end up demotivated when we feel we haven’t improved. However with each step you take and you know about you’ll know where you are strong and where there is a scope of improvement.

4. Manage Time

cbse time management

Do not spend most of your time on the same thing. Focus on many areas but give equal importance and quality time to each one of them. To achieve this, you can come up with a time table with the deadlines to finish your respective subjects.

5. Exercise and meditate


When upcoming boards are occupying your thoughts all the time, make an effort to take a break. You may find that exercise or meditation will refresh your energy and clear your head. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise is a stress reliever. Increasing your endorphins, improving sleep and minimizing mild anxiety and depression symptoms, exercise may also take your thoughts off the test.

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Meditation is another way to relieve stress. You may find that you can focus on the present and manage stress better when you take the time to meditate. Studying is certainly a priority, but taking care of yourself by managing stress is just as important.

6. Talk about it

Talk about it

When exams are weighing on your mind, remember to talk to those close to you: parents, siblings, friends, teachers or anyone else who can understand what you’re going through. Hearing from someone who’s experienced this before might help you feel better prepared to face the exams.

If you feel that your stress is out of control, seek assistance. Resources such as counselors and the CBSE helpline are there for you. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the help that’s available.

Learn more about CBSE Helplines and how they can help you.

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