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CBSE Class 12 Political Science

political science

The CBSE Class 12 syllabus for Political Science introduces students to various concerns of a political scientist. The syllabus builds a bridge between the past and the present, by explaining what happened in the past and how it shaped the present. The syllabus introduces students to political theory, Indian politics and international politics. The basic idea here is to lay a foundation for a serious engagement with the discipline at the undergraduate courses.

The objectives of the curriculum designed by the CBSE for Class 12 students aims to enable students to be familiar with some of the key political events and figures in the post independence period, develop skills of political analysis through events and processes of recent history, enable the students to expand their horizon beyond India and make sense of the political map of contemporary world, familiarize the students with some of the key political events and processes in the post cold war era and equip students to be conscious of the way in which global events and processes shape our everyday lives. 

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CBSE Class 12 Political Science Syllabus and Preparation tips:

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CBSE Class 12 Political Science Recommended Books:

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