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CBSE Class 12 Psychology

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Psychology, as a discipline, specializes in the study of experiences, behaviours and mental processes of human beings within a socio-cultural and socio- historical context. The CBSE curriculum for Psychology, at the class 12 stage aims to enable students to understand the world around them in a better manner. The syllabus is designed in a manner such that it creates interest in learners to develop an understanding of the subject and their own knowledge base.

The Psychology course at the CBSE Class 12 stage deals with psychological knowledge and practices which are contextually rooted. It emphasizes the complexity of behavioural processes and discourages simplistic cause-effect thinking. This is pursued by encouraging critical reasoning, allowing students to appreciate the role of cultural factors in behaviour, and illustrating how biology and experience shape behaviour.

The objectives of the course include:

  • To enable learners to become perceptive, socially aware and self-reflective
  • To develop appreciation about human behaviour and human mind
  • Making learners appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of psychological knowledge

CBSE Class 12 Arts: Psychology Syllabus and Preparation tips

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CBSE Class 12 Arts: Psychology Books

The CBSE follows NCERT pattern and so the books to be referred are NCERT ones.


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