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CBSE Class 12 Sociology Preparation Tips

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 What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human relationships and institutions. It ranges from crime to religion, from family to state and from divisions of caste and race to the shared common beliefs. The study is to understand how human consciousness and action shape and are shaped by the surrounding cultural and social structures.



Some Important topics for CBSE Class 12 Sociology Exam:

  • Demographic Structure & Indian Society 
  • Social Institutions-Continuity and change 
  • Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion 
  • Challenges of Cultural Diversity 
  • Suggestions for Project Work Non evaluative
  • Cultural Change 
  • The Story of Democracy 
  • Change and Development in Rural Society 
  • Globalization and Social Change 
  • Social Movements 

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Tips for preparation:

    • How to study for sociology.
    • Keep yourself well prepared well in advance. The topic is vast and requires time.
    • Stick to NCERT books as the syllabus is just that. Referring too many books will only distract you.
    • Do not mug up the topics and concepts. Try relating it to how you see people and institutions to understand better.
    • Before attending a class, try to skim the chapter so as to have an idea of what are the concepts to be learnt in that chapter.
    • Take notes as soon as your teacher starts covering the first chapter. Take notes in every class and study these notes daily. All you have to do is read the notes if you do this everyday. Go back and read the chapters for the upcoming political science class.
    • Think about what you read and ask questions of yourself.
    • Try to study in groups. It helps you understand what other people think, what is their perspective.
    • Ensure that you understand all the terms in bold. Most of these terms would be recurring concepts throughout the course

Preparation NCERT Books:

  • Indian Society

  • Social Change and Development in India

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