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BSE Class 12 Biology


The syllabus for class 12 CBSE for Biology builds on the concepts taught in junior classes besides exposing the students to contemporary areas of the subject. The subject lays equal importance on zoology (study of animals) and botany (study of plants). The syllabus also stresses on the connection of the study of Biology to real life problems, use of biological discoveries/innovations in everyday life – in environment, industry, health and agriculture. The syllabus focuses on reducing the curriculum load while ensuring that ample opportunities and scope for learning and appreciating basic concepts of the subject are available within its framework. The objectives of class 12 CBSE Biology syllabus is to promote understanding of basic principles of biology, encourage learning of emerging knowledge and its relevance to individual and society, create awareness amongst the learners about variations amongst the living, and developing respect for the diversities and to appreciate that the most complex biological phenomena are also built on essentially simple processes.

The CBSE syllabus for Class 12 Biology, by means of practical education also promotes visual, practical, observational, manipulative, decision making and investigatory skills in the learners. Besides this, the CBSE paper consists of questions based on higher order thinking, thereby promotes solving abilities, conceptual competence and making the learners realize and appreciate the interface of Biology with other disciplines.

CBSE Class 12 Science: Biology Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Sample papers

To know more about the syllabus, preparation tips and download the sample papers, please visit the following links:

CBSE Class 12 Science: Biology Recommended Books

CBSE question papers are based on books by NCERT, the list can be found in the link below


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