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CBSE Class 12 Engineering Graphics


For a student aspiring to take up architecture or civil engineering, Engineering Graphics is an indispensable tool. Keeping this in mind, CBSE offers Engineering Graphics as a subject in class 1. The subject, apart from being an essential aid for architect and Civil Engineers, is also useful for Draftsmen, Surveyors, Designers and many others professionals in the recent times. Understanding of its fundamental principles and wider applications of the same in the above fields and many other daily life situations form the basis for the syllabus at Senior Secondary Stage.

The objectives of Engineering Graphics taught in Class 12 schools affiliated to the CBSE are to help a student develop clear concept and perception of form, proportion and purpose, it further aims at develop a clear understanding of plane and solid Geometry and machine drawing so as to apply the same in relevant practical fields such as technology and industry. From a professional point of view, the CBSE curriculum helps acquire the ability to readily draw neat sketches, often needed in “On-job situations”.

CBSE Class 12 Science: Engineering Graphics Syllabus, Preparation Tips

For more information on CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers for Engineering Graphics, CBSE Class 12 Syllabus for Engineering Graphics and Tips for Preparation of Engineering Graphics at the Class 12 stage, please click on the links mentioned below.

CBSE Class 12 Science: Computer Science Recommended Books

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