CISCE Date Sheet 2012

CISCE Date Sheet 2011

  • In addition to the time indicated on the timetable for writing the paper, 15 minutes time is given for reading the question paper.
  • The Question Papers for theory examinations may be distributed to the candidates at 1.45 P.M. to enable them to start writing at 2.00 P.M.
  • Practical Examination of Physical Education Paper 2 may be held on any convenient day after 14th February 2011.
Day & DateTimeSubject/PaperDuration
Monday, February 149.00 A.M.Physics Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
Tuesday, February 159.00 A.M.Art Paper 13 hrs.
Thursday, February 179.00 A.M.Chemistry Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
Monday, February 219.00 A.M.Biology Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
Tuesday, February 229.00 A.M.Home Science Paper 2 (Practical) – Planning Session1 hr.
Wednesday, February 239.00 A.M.Home Science Paper 2 (Practical) – Examination Session3 hrs.
  Biotechnology Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
Thursday, February 249.00 A.M.Art Paper 23 hrs.
Friday, February 259.00 A.M.Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
  Planning Session 
  Examination Session 
Saturday, February 269.00 A.M.Art Paper 33 hrs.
Monday, February 282.00 P.M.English Paper 13 hrs.
Tuesday , March 012.00 P.M.English Paper 23 hrs.
Friday, March 042.00 P.M.Environmental Education Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Saturday, March 059.00 A.M.Art Paper 43 hrs.
Monday, March 072.00 P.M.Sociology3 hrs.
  Classical Languages (Sanskrit & Arabic)3 hrs.
Tuesday, March 082.00 P.M.Physics Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Business Studies3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 099.00 A.M.Fashion Designing Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
  Indian Music Hindustani Paper 2 (Practical)20 minutes for each candidate
  Indian Music Carnatic Paper 2 (Practical)20 minutes for each candidate
  Western Music Paper 2 (Practical)28 minutes for each candidate
Thursday, March 102.00 P.M.Commerce3 hrs.
Friday, March 112.00 P.M.Political Science3 hrs.
  Biology Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Saturday, March 122.00 P.M.Literature in English3 hrs.
Monday, March 142.00 P.M.Mathematics3 hrs.
  Business Mathematics3 hrs.
Tuesday, March 159.00 A.M.Art Paper 53 hrs.
Wednesday, March 162.00 P.M.Geography Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Fashion Designing Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Electricity & Electronics3 hrs.
Friday, March 182.00 P.M.Accounts3 hrs.
Tuesday, March 222.00 P.M.Chemistry Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  History3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 232.00 P.M.Home Science Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Geom. & Mechanical Drawing3 hrs.
Thursday, March 242.00 P.M.Physical Education Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Friday, March 252.00 P.M.Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Biotechnology Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
Saturday, March 262.00 P.M.Psychology3 hrs.
Monday, March 282.00 P.M.Economics3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 302.00 P.M.Indian/Foreign Languages3 hrs.
Thursday, March 312.00 P.M.Indian Music – Hindustani Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Indian Music – Carnatic Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Western Music Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
  Environmental Science3 hrs.

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