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ICSE Computer Applications


Information Technology is one of the hottest and most preferred careers in India, today. A software developer must be well versed with software languages, and Computer Applications, as a subject, lays groundwork for a budding software engineer to learn the concepts of most programming languages.

Computer Applications focuses on concepts like Object Oriented Methodology, which forms the basis for many programming languages.

The aims of the subject are:

  • To empower students by enabling them to build their own applications.
  • To introduce students to some effective tools to enable them to enhance their knowledge, broaden horizons, foster creativity, improve the quality of work and increase efficiency
  • To enable students to learn to use the World Wide Web in order to gather knowledge and communicate with students and the academic community all over the world.
  • To enable students to learn to process words and numbers, analyze data, communicate ideas effectively and make the optimum use of computer resources.
  • To help students learn fundamental concepts of computing using object oriented approach in one computer language.
  • To provide students with a clear idea of ethical issues involved in the field of computing

ICSE Computer Applications Syllabus

To download the syllabus for Computer Applications, click here

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