CISCE ICSE Economics

Economics is the science which deals with production, distribution and consumption of goods. It has both, qualitative as well as quantitative aspects. Hence, to ace an Economics exam, you need to study it from both, qualitative and, also, quantitative aspect.

The aims of the subject are:

  • To acquire the knowledge of terms, facts, concepts, trends, principles, assumptions, etc. in Economics
  • To develop familiarity with the basic terminology and elementary ideas of Economics
  • To acquire knowledge of contemporary economic problems and to appreciate the efforts being made to solve these problems
  • To develop an understanding of the Nation‘s physical and human resources and how to avoid their misuse
  • To understand the various economic processes that help in improving our standard of living.
  • To acquire skills in interpreting simple statistical data

ICSE Economics Syllabus

To download the ICSE syllabus for Economics, click here

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