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CISCE ICSE Environmental Education


With issues like Global Warming being at the forefront of many ecological and economic problems, a course in environmental education at the ICSE stage aims to help students know these problems in depth and, also, find solutions to these problems.

Further, the CISCE (as mentioned on the official website) syllabus in Environmental Education at the ICSE stage aims to:

  • To  develop  an  understanding  of  eco-systems  and in nature by making judicious utilization of resources their interrelations
  • To  develop  an  awareness  about  the  utilization overexploitation of natural resources
  • To recognize the need for keeping pollution under control in order to maintain the quality of life
  • To  develop  the  ability  to  identify,  analyse  and reflect upon different environmental concerns
  • To  acquire  skills  to  collect,  analyze  and  interpret data  and  information  relating  to  environmental problems
  • To develop skills for effectively tackling problems related to the local environment
  • To adopt practices  that  help in promoting balance in nature by making judicious utilization of resources and materials.
  • To  acquire  leadership  qualities  through participation in specifically designed activities
  • To develop love, affection, sensitivity and a sense of responsibility towards  all living beings
  • To  participate  in  activities  and  programmes  for protecting,  preserving  and conserving  the environment and its resources
  • To  appreciate  and  respect  legal  provisions  for protection of animals and plants
  • To  imbibe  the  essence  of  environmental  values and ethics in order to live in harmony with nature

To download the ICSE syllabus for Environmental Education, click here

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