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CISCE ICSE Mathematics Introduction


 ICSE is a launch pad from where the students go either for higher academic education in Mathematics or for professional courses like engineering, physical and Bio science, commerce or computer applications

The curriculum is designed to focus on helping students acquire knowledge and critical understanding by means of basic concepts, terms, principles, symbols and mastery of underlying processes and skills, to develop a quantitative and a logical aptitude, acquaint students with different aspects of mathematics used in daily life and to develop an interest in students to study mathematics as a discipline.

The aims of ICSE Mathematics are:

  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of the terms, symbols, concepts, principles, processes, proofs, etc. of mathematics
  • To develop an understanding of mathematical concepts and their application to further studies in mathematics and science
  • To develop skills to apply mathematical knowledge to solve real life problems.
  • To develop the necessary skills to work with modern technological devices such as calculators and computers
  • To develop drawing skills, skills of reading tables, charts and graphs

ICSE Mathematics Syllabus

To download the syllabus for ICSE Mathematics, click here

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