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CISCE ICSE Geography


Geography is an extremely broad discipline that tries to map and describe both, the physical features of the Earth, like mountains, and its human features, such as the borders of countries or distributions of religions. Geography is divided into two branches – human geography and physical geography.

The aims of teaching Geography at the ICSE stage are:

  • To develop an understanding of terms, concepts and principles related to Geography
  • To explain the cause- effect relationships of natural phenomena
  • To understand the patterns and processes that affect human response to natural environment
  • To understand the use of natural resources and development of regions by mankind
  • To acquire knowledge of and appreciate the interdependence of nations and different regions of the world
  • To know the availability of resources, understand, explain their uses and appreciate the problems of development in India and South Asia
  • To acquire practical skills related to the meaning and use of maps and their use in the study of geography

ICSE Geography Syllabus

To download the syllabus for ICSE Geography, click here

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