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CISCE ICSE History and Civics


While History is a field of research which uses a narrative to examine and analyse the sequence of events, and it sometimes attempts to investigate objectively the patterns of cause and effect that determine events, Civics is the study of government with attention to the role of citizens ? as opposed to external factors ? in the operation and oversight of government.

The ICSE Syllabus for History and Civics aims:
To provide an understanding of the working of the Indian government necessary for the student to grow into a responsible, enlightened citizen in a Secular democracy.
To enrich the understanding of those aspects of Indian historical development which are crucial to the understanding of contemporary India
To awaken a desirable understanding in pupils of the various streams which have contributed to the development and growth of the Indian nation and its civilisation and culture.
To develop a world historical perspective of the contributions made by various cultures to the total heritage of mankind.
ICSE History & Civics Syllabus

To download the ICSE syllabus for History and Civics, click here

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