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ISC Class 12 Geography Preparation Tips


What is Geography?

Geography is an extremely broad discipline that tries to map and describe both, the physical features of the Earth, like mountains, and its human features, such as the borders of countries or distributions of religions. Geography is divided into two branches which focuses on each separately – human geography and physical geography.

Important Topics:

  • Physical Environment
  • Population and Human settlements
  • Resources of India and their Utilisation
  • Industries

Tips for preparing

  • Try to know geography, practically. If reading about a landform, if possible, visit that place to know the place and people.
  • Try to seek as much as possible about what you are studying by finding more about the culture, climate, environment, landscape, people, economy and history of a particular place over the internet.
  • To score well in Geography in a ISC exam, it is very important to complete your text books.
  • Focus on chapters like Resource and development, human activities and transport, communication & trade.
  • You can make flash cards with definitions of the new terms that you learn each day.
  • Use the flash cards while traveling, during your lunch break or even 5 minutes before your dinner break.
  • Try to write the definitions in your own language without altering the meaning.
  • Solve all the miscellaneous solved and unsolved questions too.
  • Solve the Sample Papers available on CISCE website.

Tips for scoring good marks for ISC Class 12 exam for Geography:

  • During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible.  It enhances visibility
  • Scan the paper before answering.
  • For long answer type questions, before starting, frame a skeleton of the answer in the margin.
  • Be crisp and to the point in very short questions.

Recommended books:

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