CISCE ISC Sociology - Introduction and Syllabus

Sociology is the study of society. As a subject, sociology prepares a person for a lifetime of change, developing a person’s appreciation of diversity, love of learning, writing and study skills, as well as a knowledge base about human behavior, social organization, and culture.

The aim of Sociology as a subject at the ISC stage are:

  1. To familiarise students with the basic concepts of Sociology and Anthropology.
  2. To develop in candidates an understanding of various forces that constitute social life and social problems
  3. To create an awareness of the process of change and development in general and with reference to the Indian society in particular.
  4. To provide candidates with the means whereby they can come to a better understanding of other cultures as well as of their own.
  5. To form in candidates the habit of scrutinising social assumptions and beliefs in the light of scientific evidence.
  6. To introduce a deeper study of the subject for the tertiary level.

ISC Sociology Syllabus

To download the ISC Sociology syllabus, click here

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