CISCE ISC Physics - Introduction

Physics syllabus for ISC students is designed to lay emphasis on conceptual understanding of the subject. The syllabus lays ground work for higher education by focusing on use of SI units, nomenclatures used in Physics, practical applications of some of the well known laws of Physics in fields like Electricity, Magnetism, Optics and Communication and other such applications that form the basis of Physics. The CISCE curriculum promotes process skills, problem solving abilities and application of concepts.

The CISCE syllabus for ISC Physics, by means of practical education, also promotes visual and practical, observational, manipulative, decision making and investigatory skills in the learners. Besides this, the CISCE paper consists of questions based on higher order thinking, thereby promotes solving abilities, conceptual competence and making the learners realize and appreciate the interface of Physics with other disciplines.

ISC Physics Syllabus

To download the ISC Syllabus for Physics, click here

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