Popular Programming Languages for IT Professionals

Programming languagesThe domain of technology is fast paced, with programmes and applications in a constant flux of development. While learning is a continuous process for a programmer, knowledge of the right programming language at the right time can be crucial in this field. Here is a list of programming languages that could help aspiring and working information technology (IT) professionals stay competitive in the field of programming:

1. JavaScript

Easy to learn and widely popular, JavaScript is used in millions of Web pages, widgets, and mobile platforms. It is ranked tenth in the TIOBE Programming Community Index of the most popular programming languages of 2013. JavaScript is functional across devices, as it allows coding in multiple ways.

2. C

C remains one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. With a huge portion of syntax common to its other evolved versions, C++ and C#, as well as other scripting languages, learning C can equip a computer and IT professional to easily graduate to other languages.

3. PHP

Some of the world’s best content management systems and most popular Web networks including Facebook and WordPress are written in PHP, making it the most popular scripting language on the Web today. It allows high-speed scripting with caching, boosted with compiled code plug-ins.

4. C++

With both high-level and low-level language features, C++ was launched as an enhancement over the C language. It is a much sought-after language amongst programming enthusiasts due to the wide application domains covered by it. These include system software, application software, entertainment software like video games, and server and client applications. Other languages like C# and Java are greatly influenced by C++, and serves as a good base for those looking to progress towards Java.

5. C#

C# was developed over C and C++ by Microsoft as part of their .NET initiative. It is an important language for programmers who rely heavily on Microsoft. Developers with a knowledge of Java may find it easier to shift to C# as both languages contain similar syntax.

6. Objective C

This objective-oriented language derives its significance from the fact that it is most used on Mac OS X and Apple iOS systems. The demand for Objective C programming skills has spiked with the launch of the iPhone and iPad, and it is a crucial language to learn for developers interested in iPhone app development.

7. Ruby

Ruby finds many applications as a general scripting language such as cloud applications, 3-D modeling, simulations, etc. However, its popularity soared with the advent of Ruby on Rails, which adds a Web application framework to the earlier objective-oriented language.

8. Java

Since its introduction, Java has been a popular language. The cross-platform, object-oriented language is currently used by Google as the base for developing Android application, a domain that is likely to be in demand in the near future.

9. Perl

Perl is a high-level programming language that combines objective and functional programming styles. This scripting language is widely used in processing huge loads of text and in writing Web server programmes. Perl is an essential tool for IT professionals working on Web application development.

10. Python

An event driven programming language, Python is one of the preferred tools for general programming operations, especially Web and mobile applications.

11. Visual Basic (VB)

Visual Basic is an event driven programming language implemented on Microsoft’s .NET framework. Its simple, interactive interface makes it ideal for beginner programmers. VB allows coding in an easy to use graphic environment, rapid application development and creation of software interfaces.


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