Animation & Graphics: Courses & Colleges

Graphics & animation play starring roles in computer games, videos, movies, advertising and other types of digital communications. Graphic designers and animators may specialize in an area like character animation, online marketing, digital illustration or Web design. Professionals in this field blend artistic knowledge with technological know-how to create compelling visual effects.

Studies in graphics and animation include technical topics such as digital color theory, image manipulation, 3D modeling, computer graphics and preproduction principles. You could experience classes focused on the artistic aspects of this profession, such as composition, anatomy, figure drawing, perspective, illustration, storyboarding and cinematic storytelling. You might also choose classes in art history and the history of animation.

Graphics design careers include advertising, book publishing, computer systems design, media and other types of visual communications. Multimedia and animation artists work in industries such as gaming, software publishing, entertainment and advertising. With a background in computation or physics, you could concentrate on research and innovations in computer graphics.