Business/BBA/MBA: Courses & Colleges

Business administration professionals may manage people, money or other resources, at companies ranging from entrepreneurial startups to international corporations. Business/BBA/MBA programs usually explore basic management principles, as well as business models such as brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce. Administrators often need not only business insight and interpersonal skills but also technical knowledge; many industries increasingly rely on information systems and specialized software applications.

Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in business administration include fundamentals such as accounting, economics, finance, statistics, organizational behavior and business communication. Studies may target specialties like digital marketing, event management or financial planning. Students may focus on a particular industry, for example, tourism, insurance or real estate.

The numerous occupations involving business administration include budget analysts, cost estimators, management consultants, market researchers and supply chain experts. Responsibilities differ, according to the industry and the job title. For example, information system managers focus on behind-the-scenes technology such as databases and networks, while human resources professionals may handle hiring, employee relations, payroll and benefits. Certain positions in business may require specialized training and experience.

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