Computers/IT: Courses & Colleges

You can find computers and information technology in a vast array of industries and organizations. Companies need IT professionals to manage the hardware, software and systems that run their daily business. For example, people with skills in computers/IT often serve as technical support specialists, but they may also design, build and manage the systems needed for data and voice communications.

In addition to the fundamentals of computer science, IT studies cover a wide variety of subjects, depending on your focus. You may choose courses like information security, usability, computer architecture, database management or networking technology. IT specialists typically study operating systems, application software and hardware such as servers and networking equipment.

Professionals with a background in computers/IT fill diverse roles in the workplace, from project management to system administration to tech support. System and network administrators set up and maintain computer systems and networks, managing data backup and technology updates. Support specialists help an organization’s workers and customers by trouble-shooting problems with hardware, software and connectivity. IT project managers supervise team members and track the resources required for various projects, while IT managers take charge of a company’s computing and communications infrastructure.