Media/Communication: Courses & Colleges

Media/communications professionals work on projects ranging from news broadcasts to online marketing promotions to political campaigns. Communications may target local, national or global audiences, and the different types of media include websites, social networks, radio, newspapers, TV, videos and email campaigns.

Studies in media and communications may vary, depending on your interests. Journalism classes could include writing, editing, public speaking or even producing news for broadcasts and publishing. Communications also involve marketing and advertising, with possible courses in accounting, business, finance or audience research. Related classes include political science, psychology, sociology, photography and video making, or Web design and development.

Media/communications careers include journalism, advertising, marketing and more. For example, in public relations, you can help an organization maintain a positive public image. Publicists create attention or “buzz” for companies, products and even celebrities. In promotions, you build public interest in special offers from merchants and businesses. Advertising agencies do creative work based on graphic design, art and copywriting, in addition to the business side of selling ads.