Advantages Of Distance Education In India

Distance education is a planned education that normally occurs in a different location from teaching. It provides student with a second chance at a college education. It can reach those who are disadvantaged by limited time, distance or physical disability.
Over the years, Distance Education has seen a large increase in the number of individuals opting for it, which in turn has highlighted the reasons behind it’s growing attraction. Here given are the major advantages of distance learning:

Advantages of Distance Education:

  • Distance mode of Education helps to update the knowledge base of professionals at their working places. So it always requires special techniques of course design, instructional techniques & methods of communication as well as organizational and administrative arrangements. In this mode students are offered study material. The students can also attend the class in regular intervals which is optional.
  • Due to continuous increase in the population and scarcity of infrastructure, financial, and personnel resources, distance education systems helps million of students to full fill their educational aspiration. But among the various method of education this mode has inherent potentialities to curb our national problem of illiteracy.
  • Getting education through Distance learning is Economical and less time consuming. Distance Education mode paves way for an access to latest technologically-rich environment. Students can determine place and time of class in this Distance mode of Education. Students in the Distance Education are always in the advantage of getting exposed to the latest study material developed in high academic atmosphere.
  • Distance Education offers lots of flexibility, now a person can design his/her own schedule to learn and simultaneously work. They can also learn at their own pace since the books an study material, lecture videos are all saved online.
  • One of the merits is, it also offers you the chance to choose from different colleges that offer various courses.These colleges not only include in the country but also almost all Ivy league colleges of the world. This gives an individual a chance to study from a college that he/she could not get into for regular courses.

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