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Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University Distance Education - MPBOU

MPBOU – Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University was established under an Act of State Assembly in 1991. It has been named to honour the Illustrious King Bhoj a Great Patron of Learning. The University imparts quality education to different target group of learners irrespective of their age, gender, region, status and employment.
Maximum study centres of MPBOU are in those areas where there are no other system of higher education in the vicinity of 30 km. This is because, as mentioned in the Act, the extension and expansion of Higher Education should reach the unreached through various flexible means suited to the open and distance education mode using emerging Information and Communication Technology. 
The University also gives due emphasis to special target groups of learners coming from rural/tribal areas and those suffering from the physical disabilities. 
The University has School of Basic Science, Health Science, Management; Institute of Information Technology, Department of Mutimedia Education, Special Education; and Electronic Media Production & Research Center, and LLM Faculty.

Courses Offered:
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