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Why Distance Education

Why Distance Education
Distance education (DE) is suitable for any student who is not be able to attend the campus on regular basis for some reasons and wish to pursue their further studies with keenness. This mode of education is suitable for economically weaker students, busy professionals and housewives too who can pursue the distance education program for acquiring necessary skills at comparatively much lower cost. Distance education is no less than traditional education system, mainly because it offers the following:
  • Personal growth and development
  • Ability to pursue a degree while working
  • Potential for better pay package
  • Career growth
The advantages of distance education cannot be undermined. On one hand, it helps you progress in your chosen career, and on the  other hand, it saves expenses required for commuting to a physical campus, for lodging, and food. Hence, the flexibility and affordability of distance education offers a win-win situation for students. It also offers a distraction free environment to pursue studies. Older students don’t need to worry about studying in a group of younger students, as distance education does not impose any age limits.

Is distance education degree of value in jobs?

The answer is yes!
Distance education too involves a study material of a university curriculum, examinations governed by the universities themselves. DE at times, may not offer practical knowledge but ensures knowledge is imparted accordingly so that even people who cannot attend a regular college can get a valuable degree that can get them jobs.

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