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CAT Top 10 Tips


Congratulations! now that you have made up  your mind about CAT, the next important thing is to remain focused and not to drop mission CAT in the middle.

  1. Don’t study any further on the day before the exam. Hang out with your friends. Spend time with your family. Go for a good evening walk. Just RELAX.

  2. Think positive, how much you have learnt in a year, that’s enough.

  3. Take at least 8-9 hours of sleep the previous night, which will help you to stay fresh for the exam.

  4. Take a light breakfast, at least an hour before leaving for the examination centre.

  5. Reach at least half an hour before the commencement of the examination.

  6. Read thoroughly all the instructions supplied in the exam paper. Don’t forget, you have 30 minutes for this.

  7. Normally it would take 5-10 minutes to fill up the details. During the remaining 20 minutes try to maintain your focus, simply shut your eyes and take deep breaths, thinking, ‘I can do it , I will do it’.

  8. When you start attempting the paper and you find that the paper is unexpected, then don’t panic as CAT never goes perfect for anyone.

  9. Avoid guessing, there is negative marking. Guessing is definitely a RISK!

  10. Attempt your favourite section first, followed by the toughest one next. Then attempt the other two sections.

So plan your work and then work your plan and you will be belling the cat fast.We, wish you All The Best !!!

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