Education Loan from Federal Bank


The prime object is to provide every meritorious student though poor with an opportunity to pursue higher studies in India & Abroad with the financial support from the banking system with affordable terms and conditions.


  • Should be an Indian National
  • Secured admission to professional/technical courses through Entrance test/ Merit based selection process
  • Secured admission to foreign university / institutions (for studies abroad)

Course & Institution should have necessary approval/recognition

Loan Amount:

  •   Studies in India - Up to 10 Lakh
  •   Studies Abroad - Up to 20 Lakhs

Loan Period

  •  Course period + 5 - 7 years

Interest rate

 Loan Amount

Interest rate

Card rate for Girl Students

 Loans upto Rs.4 Lacs 13.25 12.75
 Loans above Rs. 4 Lacs 14.75 14.25

Mode of Repayment:

  • Repayable in equal monthly installments in 5 to 7 years after moratorium period
  • No repayment during moratorium period  

For details, click on Federal Bank of India

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