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B.Tech in Computer Science Vs Btech in Information Technology

B.Tech CS

Computer science (CS) and information technology (IT) have become terms that are used interchangeably. In some engineering colleges, they are two separate streams, while in some others, computer science is used as a broad term for all the theory related to IT.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science refers to the processes used to create computer programs and applications along with the theory behind them.

Computer science involves learning about programming which includes learning the basics of programming, algorithms, data structures and complexity theory. There is a stream known as computer engineering that deals with the ‘low level’ and involves the internal circuitry, electronics and power of a computer. The level above computer engineering is wide, as it deals with both the low level of computer engineering and the high level programming which integrates chips and circuitry. This is what is known as computer science. At the highest level is information technology, which focuses on the impact of applications and how to integrate these solutions into the industry.


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Computer science is a combination of electrical engineering, applied mathematics and complexity theory and algorithms. This deals with computation.

What is Information Technology?

  • Information Technology refers to the application of technology to solve business processes.

    IT deals with management of computers rather than computation. IT is a combination of programming, hardware administration, software administration, networking and network security. Computer science is a wide field and includes algorithms, complexity theory, automata theory, distributed computation, parallel computation architecture, machine learning, cryptography, compiler construction, microprocessors, embedded systems, computer architecture and organization, computer graphics, database management systems, digital signal processing, operating systems and control systems engineering.

    The course of a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Computer Science is generally combined with that of a B.Tech. in Computer Engineering. Today, both of them play an equally important role in the future of upcoming technology. Information Technology is a narrower and more focused field than CS and entails subjects like networking technology for digital devices, financial accounting and management of technological innovation, digital communication, Internet technology and applications, computer simulation modelling, image processing, multimedia systems and project management.

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    There are many similarities between the two, but the differences are enough to require it to be separated into two different branches of engineering.

Differences and Similarities between B.Tech. (IT) and B.Tech. (Computer Science)



Computer Science

Information Technology

What is it basically?

Creating computer programs

The application of programs in the industry


Low level

High level

Computer knowledge required

Should have knowledge of low level working of computer

Low level knowledge not necessary

A pure branch or one that has subjects from other fields of engineering

Subjects from electronics engineering and electrical engineering also in the course

Subjects from electronics engineering and electrical engineering not necessary and varies per university

Course duration

Four year course

Four year course


B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering

B.Tech. in Information Technology

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