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The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Information Technology covers engineering subjects and technologies combined with important aspects of IT like computer networks, web-based applications, control systems, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, mobile computing, information retrieval and transmission. These and other relevant subjects could help prepare students to think and brainstorm ways technology can be used to help people in everyday activities, put these ideas into implementation after development, and then be able to improve and maintain them. To be eligible, a minimum of fifty percent is usually required in the twelfth standard exams with physics, mathematics and chemistry. Many companies have IT departments to manage the computers, networks and other areas of their organization. Other job opportunities include technical writing, computer programming, network administration, web designing, web developing, technical support and software testing.

Topics covered in Information Technology

Information technology engineering courses in India usually take about four years.

  • The first year usually includes basic engineering courses like physics, chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, electronic devices and circuits, basics of electrical engineering, basics of mechanical engineering, basics of civil engineering and basics of computer programming.
  • The third semester tends to consist of subjects like computer architecture, data structures and algorithms, digital system design, display systems engineering, mathematics and principles of communication.
  • In the fourth semester, subjects such as database management systems, microprocessors and micro-controller applications, operating systems, software engineering, telecommunication switching techniques and telecommunication systems may be covered.
  • The subjects in the fifth semester generally could include computer networks, digital signal processing, object oriented analysis and design, software quality management and visual programming.
  • The sixth semester in Information Technology Engineering might consist of subjects like component-based technology, multimedia systems, overview of domain knowledge, software project management, TCP/IP and socket programming, and web technology.
  • Electives can be chosen in the seventh semester, and along with them, the other subjects might be high performance networks, network design security and management, and principles of marketing and management.
  • In the eighth semester, subjects like artificial intelligence, mobile computing, embedded systems, software agents, bioinformatics, web-based enterprise applications, wireless application protocols, parallel processing, digital image processing, electronics commerce, satellite communication and optical communication may be taught.

Colleges offering IT Engineering Courses

Some colleges in India that offer a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) or B.Tech. in Information Technology are given below.

1Anna University – Chennai
2Delhi Technological University
3Karunya University – Coimbatore
4Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology – New Delhi
5PEC University of Technology – Chandigarh
6PSG College of Technology
7SRM University – Chennai
8VIT University

Programs are subject to change, it is advisable to check directly with a school for current program availability.

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