How to Perform your Best in GATE 2022

The GATE exams are one of the most competitive engineering entrance exams in India and preparing for it can be quite a challenge. But there are ways to make sure that you are able to perform your best for the GATE 2022 exams. The key to good preparation lies in your passion for your chosen stream of engineering. This is what will help you score high and get a good rank that gets you into a premier engineering college for M. Tech.

Tips for Preparing for GATE 2022 Exams

Here are some preparation tips that you should keep in mind while studying for the 2022 GATE exams:

  • Formulate your 2022 GATE Preparation Plan: Once you have a clear picture of GATE 2022 Exam syllabus, plan your study time. If you have prior things to do or you are student or working, take out at least 5-8 hours in a week for GATE preparations. This means that your preparation should start well ahead of the exam date.
  • Get the Basics Clear: Getting the basic conceptualization of everything you study for the GATE exams would help you to easily understand the questions and formulate the answers. A strong base is vital for going deeper into every topic that you study. Make sure you cover all the basic topics that are part of the GATE syllabus.
  • Solve Past Years' Questions Papers: GATE question papers from the examinations held over the past decade or so are available on the Internet. Once you get your hands on them, don't stop solving these papers. Sample papers are also available.
  • Go Deep: Whether it is Mathematics or any other subject that you have to study, try going deeper into the matter, once you have cleared your basic concepts and you are confident. There is no harm in going beyond the syllabus if you have the time because knowledge is power and never goes to waste, especially in engineering.
  • Revise and Revise: By the time you are at the end of your preparation phase and there is only about a month left, you will realize that what you have learned earlier during your preparations might be slightly blurred. Revision of the syllabus will refresh your memory of all that you've learned over the past few months.
  • Play and Learn: Sometimes, losing interest in the particular subject might get you to lose confidence during preparation. You need to revitalize that interest and passion to get back on track. If you find something dull to study, relate it to its application and limitless possibilities.
  • Guidance Can Be Useful: If you feel that you require extra guidance to understand better or learn better, get it. There are various coaching institutes that can help you to make the best of your preparation efforts.

While preparation is vital, do not worry if you feel that you may not know enough. Instead, use this time to revise and get your confidence back.

GATE 2022: Exam Mantra

Calm down, relax and write your exam equipped with the knowledge that you have developed over the past several months. Do not panic when you find something that you don’t know. Write down the answers to what you do know and then go back to the questions that you might be unsure of.


“Three to four months of rigorous preparation should be enough for the 2022 GATE Exam,” says Ritesh Raushan, co-founder of the Gate Academy, a well known coaching institute for GATE. “Get good books that will help you learn the basic concepts easily. Once your basics are absolutely clear, make sure you get enough practice on solving question papers. Don’t forget to time yourself. Also, evaluating the paper is very important, as you can map your progress. Evaluations help you identify the areas that you need to work harder on.”

About author

Richa Verma works with The GATE Academy, founded by alumni of IISc and IITs. GATE coaching is provided under the guidance of former GATE toppers. The aim is to help budding engineers discover and exceed their intellectual potential.

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