IIT JEE Success Tips

Are you mentally prepared for IIT JEE 2012?

If yes, then be confident and start your IIT JEE 2012 Preparation with a positive attitude. As an IIT JEE aspirant your thought should be high enough and you should believe on this fact that “The success is to be achieved”. Here is some Important IIT JEE Success Tips For IIT JEE 2012.

IIT JEE Success Tips For IIT JEE 2012

Start early and be sincere

You should start your IIT JEE Preparation from the very beginning of your class 11th. All three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) should be given equal emphasis. Always be sincere and attend classes regularly to have good knowledge of fundamentals; communicate with your teachers and clear the doubts.

Choose a Proper Guide

In today’s competitive era, proper guidance is needed for success. The pattern of IIT JEE 2012 has become concept based completely. So you need clear and doubtless concepts in each and every topic, to achieve a good rank in IIT JEE 2012. In each subject you should choose your guide who can clear up your doubts. You can join coaching centre (s) but be sure that it is good enough to meet your requirements.

Select Good Books and Prepare Good Notes

Selection of books is very vital for achieving success in IIT-JEE 2011. Ask your teachers and even to an IITian for good books. Prepare good notes during attending lectures or self study. If you want to make the concept more clear while preparing notes of lectures leave some space and just after lecture fill up the space with clarification. Discuss with your friends about the topic to have sharing of knowledge.

Revision of the Chapters

Always recall the taught chapters and do the problems in order to keep in touch with these chapters. The approach should be balanced. After systematically understanding the concepts, practice relevant problems to consolidate the topic.

Course Planning and Exam Strategies

Again course planning and examination strategies are also vital for achieving success. Give priority to the topics from which questions are more often asked. Make your own exam strategies to take the test in a more comfortable manner.

Reference Books For IIT JEE 2012


  • NCERT: Chemistry XI & XII
  • P. Bahadur: Physical Chemistry
  • O.P. Agarwal: IIT Chemistry
  • Ebbing: General Chemistry
  • J.D. Lee: Concise Inorganic Chemistry
  • R.T. Morrison, R.N. Boyd: Organic Chemistry
  • R.C. Mukhrjee: Numerical Chemistry
  • Francis Carey: Organic Chemistry
  • I. L. Finar: Organic Chemistry-Vol I
  • Bahal & Bahal: Organic Chemistry
  • Sienko & Plane: Chemistry Principles & Applications
  • P.W. Atkins: Physical Chemistry
  • Bruce H. Mahan: University Chemistry


  • H.C. Verma: Concepts of Physics Vol I and II
  • I.E. Irodov: Problems in General Physics
  • Halliday, Resnick & Walker: Fundamentals of Physics
  • Sears and Zemansky: University Physics
  • Nelkon and Parker: Advanced Level Physics
  • A.A Pinsky: Problems in Physics
  • S.S Krotov: Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
  • L.A. Sena: A collection of questions and Problems in Physics
  • V.Zubov & V.Shalnov: Problem in Physics
  • S.L Loney: Elements of Dynamics Part I & II
  • S.L. Loney: Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies
  • R.P. Feynman: The Feynman Lectures on Physics vols 1 & 2
  • Chen, Min: Physics Problems w/solutions
  • Tipler: Physics Vols I & II


  • R. S. Agarwal: Maths XI & XII
  • S.L. Loni: Plane Trigonometry Part I
  • S.L. Loni: Co-ordinate Geometry
  • A.S. Ramsey: Analytical Geometry
  • Hall & Knight: Higher Algebra
  • I.A. Maron: Problems in Calculus of One Variable
  • Gorakh Prasad: Calculus
  • Shanti Narayan: Vectors
  • V Govorov, P.Dybov, N.Miroshin, S.Smirnova.: Problems in Mathematics
  • Bernard & Child: Higher Algebra
  • Dr. Gorakh Prasad: Co-ordinate Geometry
  • K.P. Basu: Algebra Made Easy
  • DoroFeev, Patapov: Elementary Math’s
  • Krechmar: Math’s
  • G.N. Berman: A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis
  • W. Feller: Intro. to Probability & its Applications
  • J. Edward: Calculus