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NIMCET 2014 Syllabus

Detailed Syllabus of NIMCET 2014 which covers 4 main areas namely Mathematics, Computer Awareness, General English and Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning are given in this page.

1. NIMCET 2014 Mathematics Syllabus

Set Theory: Concept of sets – Union, Intersection, Cardinality, Elementary counting; permutations and combinations.
Probability and Statistics: Basic concepts of probability theory, Averages, Dependent and independent events, frequency distributions, measures of central tendencies and dispersions
Algebra: Fundamental operations in algebra, expansions, factorization, simultaneous linear / quadratic equations, indices, logarithms, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, determinants and matrices
Coordinate Geometry: Rectangular Cartesian coordinates, distance formulae, equation of a line, and intersection of lines, pair of straight lines, equations of a circle, parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola
Calculus: Limit of functions, continuous function, differentiation of function, tangents and normals, simple examples of maxima and minima. Integration of functions by parts, by substitution and by partial fraction, definite integrals, applications of definite integrals to areas.
Vectors: Position vector, addition and subtraction of vectors, scalar and vector products and their applications to simple geometrical problems and mechanics.
Trigonometry: Simple identities, trigonometric equations properties of triangles, solution of triangles, heights and distances, general solutions of trigonometric equations.


2. NIMCET 2014 Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning Syllabus

The questions in this section will test you on logical situations and would consist of questions based on the facts given in the passage.



3. NIMCET 2014 Computer Awareness Syllabus

Computer Basics: Organization of a computer, Central Processing Unit (CPU), structure of instructions in CPU, input/output devices, computer memory, and back-up devices.
Data Representation: Representation of characters, integers and fractions, binary and hexadecimal representations, binary arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple arithmetic and two’s complement arithmetic, floating point representation of numbers, Boolean algebra, truth tables, Venn diagrams.

4. NIMCET 2014 General English Syllabus

Questions in this section will be designed to assess your general understanding of the English language. Questions will be asked from the following topics:
Comprehension, Vocabulary, Basic English Grammar (like usage of correct forms of verbs, prepositions and articles)
Word power, Synonyms and Aantonyms, Meaning of words and phrases
Technical writing.

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