Animation Achievers Assembly 2009

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It is not every day, nor even every lifetime that someone brings home an Oscar nomination.  It is not every day that someone can enthrall the audiences and set the box office ringing. It is also not every day that one can win critical and artistic acclaim and set new standards.
Achievement, and the ceaseless effort to push forth the boundaries and the zeal and passion to get there is what makes things special.
Celebrating that zeal, and that result, that achievement in Animation is the Animation Achievers Assembly. Where the best achievers in animation share their zeal and passion and their stories with an assembly of future achievers and aspirants.
Presented by Global School of Animation & Games, the 1st edition of A3 takes place on the 3rd of December at the school venue itself. With the bringing in of the achievers, content and concept developed.

Be there if you want to be an Animation Achiever, and you will thank us all your life for telling you about it.


Barak Drori
Animation Exponent & Expert
Bridgit Folman Film Gang, Israel.

(Key Animator on the Oscar Nominated Waltz With Bashir)
The infinitely talented and ace animator and artist Barak Drori is a key member at the Israeli animation studio that made Ari Folman’s Oscar Nominated Waltz with Bashir.
In his keynote address spanning around 90 minutes, Barak will give an insight into how the film happened, on how the inspired and passionate team never aimed for awards but for the finest performance and excellence. He will also share a case study and technical , artistic and story insights that pushed the boundaries of how animation film making can be used not only for entertainment but very sensitive, hard hitting and strong Cinema.

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